Healing Hearts

Hansa Edwards
 A Story of Healing, Heart and Courage
The founder of Healing Hearts, Hansa is a meditation and yoga instructor,
United Senergy associate, and HempWorx affiliate with a certified CBD oil company.

It makes absolute sense that Hansa Edwards’ yoga and meditation organization is called “Healing Hearts.”

A longtime health and wellness advocate, Hansa’s journey is one in which love and strength turned physical and emotional challenges into personal fulfillment, where difficulties strengthened her resolve to build a rewarding career and give back to her community.

Hansa shares with her students the strength and well-being that yoga and meditation can provide to those who open their hearts and minds to possibility.
A diagnosis of impending blindness
Her journey began with a prognosis of future blindness. Arriving in the United States from Barbados at a young age, Hansa was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), an inherited condition that slowly constricts vision. At present there is no cure. She was told that she would slowly go blind over the next several years.

As her vision continued to fail, she realized that now was the time to focus on her life passions – yoga and meditation. She left her position in business management and became a yoga teacher. Now she teaches private and online classes and volunteers in the community to share her knowledge of well-being.
“If my eyes were healthy,” said Hansa, “I might never have made this leap to being an entrepreneur in the health and wellness field – and I love it!”

Building a new life and career
After 200 hours of yoga training, Hansa began teaching yoga to private and online clients. As a person that loves giving back, she volunteers her services to teach yoga in community shelters, senior homes and public libraries.

Hansa points out that once she gained those credentials and began teaching, she felt a shift in herself. “I became more at peace,” she said. “I realized that because I couldn’t see, I was talking and listening more. It was affirming for me.”

She can teach yoga and meditation online – a popular choice among the busy, stressed working people who want to experience the benefits. It lends itself to online instruction. People can absorb the deep breathing, sitting in stillness. They feel almost immediate benefits.

Meditation has been a key part of Hansa’s life for more than 30 years. In 2000 she had the good fortunate of meeting Kundalini Maha Yoga Master Shri Anandi Ma who has been her spiritual teacher even since. Hansa travels to yoga and meditation retreats frequently and now feels it is time to teach – to pass the capabilities on to others – to pass on the fruits.

CBD oil affiliate
Hansa is a HempWorx affiliate with one of 13 certified CBD companies that provide high-quality CBD oil that helps her clients find relief from pain. www.dropofwellnesscbd.com

She points out that there is enormous confusion about CBD and that people need to understand it. She can provide education on this healing substance and help them relieve their pain or reduce their inflammation or anxiety. “

We are all learning more and more about this oil every day,” says Hansa. “This is a naturalsubstance that can help people heal and function to their optimum capability.”

United Senergy
Hansa is an associate in United Senergy or “US,” founded by her life partner Danquell Bradford. US focuses on reducing the economic, health and technological disparities that plague our people, communities, nation and world. The organization employs three approaches to these challenges: health-fitness, nutrition and conquering the digital divide. It offers health-wellness workshops and pop-up conferences, yoga classes, cooking-nutrition courses, user-friendly
technology instruction and more. US is also a celebrated provider of high-quality natural fiber t-shirts and athletic wear. www.unitedsenergy.org

Says US director Danquell Bradford, “Hansa is not only my beloved partner, but she brings strong skills and commitment and a natural healing rapport with people seeking to learn and practice yoga and meditation or people suffering from pain or other ailments. Healing Hearts is a natural fit for United Senergy. And it brings us to a whole new level – one of providing a direct healing dimension to the work that we do.”

Looking ahead
Hansa plans to continue teaching, sharing and offering yoga and meditation classes to everyone everywhere. Her goal is to help build a community of healers. She also plans to continue giving back to her community. “It’s who I am,” she says. “I’ll volunteer teaching yoga and meditation in Boston and other neighborhoods. Everyone from teenagers to senior citizens can benefit
from yoga and meditation!”

“As I move forward in my wellness and spiritual journey, I feel grateful and blessed to have so many opportunities, such strong relationships and support,” said Hansa. “They outweigh by far the difficulties caused by my failing eyesight.”