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Cause List

  • Health
  • EVERYONE deserves equal access to health and fitness! But often DISPARITIES of race, ethnicity and economics prevent people from achieving health and fitness goals.
  • Those factors may limit access to health care and keep them from receiving the information and interventions they need for healthy living.

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  • Technology
  • Those suffering on the far side of the digital divide - without broadband access to information - are at a huge disadvantage.
  • Communications technology and information make a dramatic difference in quality of life. Internet access is now essential to health care, education, job development, child care, nutrition and every aspect of life.

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  • Nutrition
  • United Senergy urges you to “Love Your Body….Love Yourself” by being aware of the food you put into your body and the difference healthy nutrition can make in your life.
  • People living in underserved communities often do not have access to healthy food. Research shows that nutritional disparities exist across socioeconomic groups in United States.

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