Health and Fitness



EVERYONE deserves equal access to health and fitness! But often DISPARITIES of race, ethnicity and economics prevent people from achieving health and fitness goals. Those factors may limit access to health care and keep them from receiving the information and interventions they need for healthy living.

Join with US - UNITED SENERGY – to learn to LOVE YOUR BODY…LOVE YOURSELF! (We all need…and deserve… a daily dose of self-love.) AT US we are all about nutrition, fitness, well-being and healthy body image. We embrace uniqueness, acceptance, individuality and respect among all human beings. We want to see every person’s life nourished – physically and mentally.

Join with US to overcome health and fitness disparities and live a longer, healthier, happier life.

The goal of US is to provide pathways to healthy food, physical activity and access to the information age in communities of color and for those struggling against poverty. We are here to provide the tools and information that enable people in those situations to lead healthier lives filled with the energy of a positive self-image.

Why do health disparities matter?

Disparities in health and health care and fitness opportunities get in the way of healthy living, causing distress for people and communities and resulting in unnecessary costs.

Research shows that 30 percent of medical costs for Blacks, Hispanics and Asian Americans are due to health disparities, with the economy losing an estimated $309 billion per year because people don’t have access to the tools of healthy living.

These vulnerable groups have higher rates of illness and experience worse health outcomes. People of color experience increased rates of diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

Disparities cause life expectancy to decrease and mortality to rise. While the average life expectancy has increased since 1970, infant mortality rates for Black and American Indian and Alaska Native babies have risen. Black males of all ages have a shorter life expectancy than members of other groups.

Access to health care information, fitness opportunities and health interventions will reduce the diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and other preventable conditions that now hit hard in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color. US strives to provide needed information and interventions across color, ethnicity and economic barriers.

Lack of support for preventive health-fitness interventions

Low-income individuals and people of color face difficulties accessing health care, receive poorer quality care and ultimately experience worse health outcomes.

They are often discouraged from engaging in physical activity that supports good health. They can’t afford a gym membership or the cost of a tread mill for their home. As they struggle to pay for rent and food, as they work two or three jobs, they fail to integrate physical activity into their daily routines as more affluent people do.US is here to fill the gap caused by lack of support for health maintenance and illness prevention in communities of color and among those struggling on limited incomes.

Hypertension, for example, impacts millions of people, increasing their risk of heart attack, stroke, coronary heart disease, heart failure and kidney failure. It is particularly prevalent among African Americans. There is no definite answer to why this is so – but UNITED SENERGY is here to help vulnerable people of color and those living in poverty to reduce their risk of high blood pressure WITHOUT resorting immediately to medication. We can show you how: EAT LESS saturated fat and MORE fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains. LIMIT alcohol. LIMIT salt. QUIT smoking. EXERCISE and, if you are overweight, LOSE WEIGHT!

UNITED SENERGY can help you integrate those recommendations into a strategic, balanced approach to combating high blood pressure and achieving optimum health and fitness goals. We will support you through the process with health clinic pop-ups, exercise groups, yoga and healthy eating programs and more – in your area or online. See below. US can help you GET HEALTHY, LIVE LONGER and ENJOY LIFE MORE!

United Senergy steps up to the plate!

US wants all people to LOVE THEIR BODIES, LOVE THEMSELVES. That message of hope and health and optimism is blazed across our t-shirts in three-inch letters! We want everyone to take the steps necessary to be as healthy as possible. We see the future in every person pursuing their life goals in their own individual, authentic, self-empowered way. Here are some of our current and planned initiatives:

  • Health/Wellness Pop-up Conferences – in community centers, schools and other public venues, with visitors receiving blood pressure checks, attending exercise workshops, learning yoga, hearing speakers on health topics and more.
  • Fitness/Sports Expos – collaborative events focusing on health issues and wellness initiatives in partnership with local universities, hospitals, corporate sponsors, vendors.
  • Fitness “Free for All!” – partnerships with local fitness community gyms, vendors, to raise public awareness of traditional and new fitness equipment, workout trends and successes with pop-up presentations, classes at fitness venues.
  • Health Panel Round Tables – bringing together health and fitness experts, health care media and others to spread the word and answer questions regarding maintaining health and preventing illness.
  • Competing for Health! – holding fun competitive events from a 5K run/walk to a triathalon to draw attention to the role of exercise in staying healthy and get people moving their bodies!
  • Newsflash! – providing exciting, useful research information on health on Website in fun, fast-to-grasp info nuggets plus indepth explanations
  • Mental Illness Spotlight – what everyone needs to know to manage difficult, painful situations, steps to take to shine light into dark places, information on finding empathic care, assisting a family member or friend to get needed help.