In 2012, Danquell Bradford received a report from her doctor that gave her a jolt. Hypertension. She has a family history of high blood pressure and heart disease. Her mom suffered a serious heart attack. Her mother’s illness and arduous road to recovery had raised Danquell’s consciousness about heart disease and strategies for preventing it. She was already thinking about how to spread the word, to build healthy living habits into the lives of people in her community and beyond.

When Danquell saw the numbers signaling her own high blood pressure, she grabbed the bull by the horns. She made immediate lifestyle changes, modifying a diet she had thought was “healthy enough.” Always fit, she revved up her exercise regimen. She learned to relax, to meditate. She built vacations into a demanding work life.

Her blood pressure came down. And she felt GREAT. But she wanted to let others know how life-style strategies can help them prevent illness and maintain health. She wanted all people to be aware that medication – which may have troublesome side effects – is not the only option when you are diagnosed with high blood pressure or increased cholesterol or early onset diabetes.

She knew it was time for the next step in a journey that would help ensure optimum health and well-being for people at every economic level, every cultural background, every race and ethnicity.


US! United Senergy is born

The journey began in the small southern town of Anniston, Alabama, where Danquell grew up. She majored in Computer Information Systems in college and then moved to Boston where she landed a position as a CIS professional at Action for Boston Community Development, the Boston-area antipoverty/community action agency with a mission to end poverty. At ABCD, Danquell’s commitment to making a difference in the world expanded with each passing day.

Along with excelling at her day job, Danquell launched several entrepreneurial initiatives. She founded Comportek, Inc., a community-based technology consultant firm which offers a variety of options for providing businesses and families with cost-efficient computer services. She co-founded STARS, a non-profit organization serving young children with a focus on fitness, health, education and sports.

Then, spurred to action by her mother’s battle with heart disease and her own genetic vulnerabilities, Danquell left her full-time position to take that next step in the journey – to focus on creating an institution that opened the door to positive pathways to health maintenance, illness prevention and information access for all people.

She founded United Senergy – US – with a mission of eliminating the disparities that separate us, ensuring that people at every economic level, of every racial and ethnic background, have the same opportunities to pursue health and well-being and use technology to seek out the information that will enable them to improve their lives.